1 Pack Invisible Strike Indicator to fish.

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1 Invisible Strike Indicator
The Original Invisible Strike Indicator To fish! Floats Better, Cast Better, Last Longer!
Than Any Other Yarn Indicator on the Market!
Also Available in Assorted Hi-Vis Colors & Glow in the Dark
Its a fixed system with its own 48" butt connector, tie it or loop it at the length you want, your choice.
Made of Top of the Line products such as Maxima Line, The World's Leader in Fishing Line, and Top of the line Poly Yarn, etc..
Randy Has been fishing with Maxima Line for the Past 25 Years he has been fishing. He recommends Maxima Lines for all types of fishing conventional or fly fishing. It is simply the best on the market today.

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Review sent to us VIA Facebook 3/22/2012!

From:David Kammerer

I bought some of your indicators at the sportsman expo. and they work GREAT.
I defiantly caught more fish than using a plastic bobber.

Setup Instructions for the Fixed Strike Indicator

Step 1: The fixed strike Indicator is tied with 3 ft. of 30lb. test leader material it is to be attached to your butt connector with a loop or blood knot (whatever your preference is.)

Step 2: After attaching 30lb. test Butt connector to your fly line. Take your leader material you will use for your flies & make a clinch knot loop (big enough to fit the strike Indicator thru.)

Step: 3 After putting the indicator thru the loop lubricate the knot slide & pull the loop tight around the 30lb. test.
Then clip the tag end off (the short end) & slide the knot to the bottom
of the strike indicator.

Step 4: Then cut your leader to your desired length.

Step 5: After attaching your flies & weight to your leader material add
Floatant to the Strike Indicator (Aquel Floatant is recommended).
Add enough Floatant so all Of the fibers & the bottom are saturated by
rubbing it in with your fingers. (About a dime to a nickel size drop on your fingers)

Step 6: Then use a strike indicator comb (while pinching the ring & bottom).
Comb out the excess Floatant & knots at the same time you are creating air pockets
between the fibers.

Tuning: Too much Floatant the indicator will ride low in the water.
Not enough Floatant & the indicator will absorbed water & sink!
Floatant should only have to be added a couple times in the life span Of the indicator.

For best results: Combing your strike indicator a couple times a day
will keep it tuned so it floats higher in the water.

Storage: Of your strike indicator is best in a Ziploc baggie. This will
keep the Floatant from drying out & the indicator will last even longer.

- Patent Pending-

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