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Come explore two of Northern California's premiere fishing waters and majestic views of the Shasta and Trinity Counties. Drift Hog Alley on the Sacramento River, or The Holywaters on the Trinity in our state of the art drift boats providing excellent river accessibility for truly effective fishing.

    Our boats feature front and rear level floors with leg braces so you can experience the solitude of the rivers when fishing for Wild Rainbows, Browns, Steelhead, and Salmon using either fly, lure, or bait. With our expert instruction in techniques on fly, spin, or level line set-ups, you too can feel the rush in beautiful Northern California! Also available are guided Elk, Mule Deer, Black Tail, Black Bear and Turkey hunts from Northern California's Trinity Alps to Lassen Range and in between.
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Stop the Pebble Mine!

"Red Gold is FeltSoul Media's latest film about Bristol Bay and the proposed Pebble Mine. The trailer from the film won the The Drake's recent 5 minute fly fishing video contest at the recent fly fishing retailer show. "

Save Bristol Bay!
Randy Doughty
Owner/ Guide
Randy invented Two Patent Pending Products the Invisible Strike Indicator to Fish & the Original Knot Pick Tool the quickest way to undo those unwanted wind knots. He came up with the ideas after guiding a couple years in 2004 & not able to find a good Strike Indicator. One that would last with day in & day out use, which lasts longer than any other yarn indicator on the market. One that holds up more weight, & cast better, best of all they catch more fish! One that is made of Top of the Line products such as Maxima Line, The World's Leader in Fishing Line, and Top of the line Poly Yarn, etc.. Randy Has been fishing with Maxima Line for the Past 25 Years. He recommends Maxima Lines for all types of fishing conventional or fly fishing. It is simply the best on the market today.

His Knot pick tool is simple but revolutionary, it saves time on the water & saves money, being able to untangle those wind knots instead of replacing your leader, saves time & money, just untangle the knot. Don't replace your leader & tie at least 3 to 4 knots with flies, only untangle 1 knot, then your back in the water quicker. If your line is in the water more than it is out of the water, you will catch more fish. That's why we all are out there, is to catch fish & have lots of good memories, & lasting dreams not to get frustrated. His handcrafted, family made in the USA, Knot Pick Tools & Invisible Strike Indicators is available at our Online Store & soon to be available at leading Outfitters & Sporting Goods across the USA.

Hope you enjoy these products and more from Tightline Connection, Randy has more products for the future, and he is always coming up with new ideas for products with his family.

Thank You
Tightline Connection

Review sent to us VIA Facebook:
From Wayne Mitchell:
ADVENTURE - We arrived at the Redding Convention center to meet up with Tightline Connection for our fly fishing adventure on the Upper Sacramento River and without a hitch our first lesson was an impressive one as we notice the guide's first cast produce a nice catch and that is where the adventure for all US began including our guide.
Our adventure began without hesitation as Nick handed me the rod and lead me step by step on bringing in our catch and that is where his test of patience would began.
I reel in what was going to be a nice catch to the side of the boat only to notice my foot get tangled up in the line and without hesitation the guide was there to inform me of the situation
It was time to learn the Fly fishing casting technique and without any Fly Fishing experience the Guide was definitely being put to work untangling up the first of what was Many to follow.
I won't lie to you , it was a feeling of disaster as the guide asked me " What is that "
I looked down to notice his reel hitting in water , I reached in the water and grabbed the reel and attempted to place it back on the rod when the guide was right there " Don't Worry about it " While watching me place the reel back on the rod
I know how expensive gear can be and to have this guide sit back there untangling another mess and tell me it was alright was totally a dam lie.
I was feeling terrible inside and was just about ready to give up this experience when more word of encouragement " It Happens, don't worry about it man"
I rush just everything and it showed by the way the morning was going and then it took a turn for the GOOD and maybe it took taking another look back at the Guide steering the boat while keeping me supplied with a fresh rod ready to fish.
WE landed a couple next to the boat before it was time pull up to the bank for Lunch and it did NOT disappoint to have one of the Best Sandwich's ever also included in our Tightline Package
If you are a slow learner and have little patience then we would definitely recommend a WHOLE day FISHING with Nick as your guide as it might take a while to get the hang of it ...THANK YOU Tightline for another one of my Many GREAT LIFE experience...

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Wilderness Pack-In's, hunting and fishing, high mountain peaks and lakes for  Elk, Deer, Bear and multiple species of Trout. Brook Trout, Golden Trout and Etc...  Call for detailed Information now!
Welcome to Tightline Connection